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Project Description

Heifer Hong Kong – Moo Moo Young Partner Programme (August 2015)

PR for Good was engaged to plan and execute the launch of Heifer Hong Kong’s new membership programme that caters for parents of children aged 4 -16. We facilitated Heifer to form partnership with various like-minded NGOs to design and implement members’ activities, including parent-children rooftop farming, making friends with ethnic minority children in a community tour and an experiential activity at an organic farm.

On promotion, we engaged celebrity Leila Dong to become a Star Member of the programme, who helped get across the message through media interviews. Our team also organized a press conference for Heifer to kick-start the programme.


Quality media coverage on the membership programme and sharings by the participants. We also lined up media interviews with Antony Leung, Chairman of Heifer Hong Kong and Leila Dong which resulted in quality and in-depth media coverage on the programme.

Media coverage:

明報 – 星級媽媽﹕孩子不上Playgroup 幼稚園零功課 唐寧:主流 不一定要跟 (2015-09-15)

東方日報 – 綠色先鋒:學惜耕種 (2015-08-12)