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Project Description

FAIR TASTE – Cause-related Marketing, Media Publicity & Event Management (2014-2017)

PR for Good undertook a series of communication campaigns to promote brand awareness and market presence of Fairtaste’s new products such as Fair Trade certified bottled tea back in 2014.  We engaged popular food bloggers and columnists to share either testimonial or special recipes featuring the product; invited food and lifestyle editors to write about the product, and organized a media gathering for product tasting session.

We also succeeded in convincing target media to write about Fairtaste’s mooncake and the involvement of a group of women living in the neighbourhood in the Fair Ladies’ Kitchen.

We undertook festive promotions for Fairtaste in which we connected Fairtaste with different NGOs for cause-related marketing initiative. For example joint workshop to make ginger bread benefiting Music Children Foundation and workshops on cashew candy-making for parents with visual/hearing impairment and their children. Ten reportings in mass media and on food blogs were thereafter created.

In Winter 2017, we lined up a nutritionist to organise a ginger bread workshop in connection with Fairtaste’s X’mas hamper promotion. A special edition benefitting Music Children Foundation was created and the initiative earned media coverage in local newspapers.


PR for Good delivered a cost-effective campaign that optimizes the impact of media liaisons, and turned out to support the product sales

Laying groundwork of engagement of food/lifestyle bloggers and Facebook page owners

A glimpse of media coverage: