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Project Description

World Blind Union – Asia Pacific Mid-Term Regional General Assembly (November 2014)


PR for Good, as the PR partner of the World Blind Union General Assembly, a 4-day conference hosted by the Hong Kong Blind Union between 21 and 24 November 2014 in Hong Kong, undertook a month-long media liaisons exercise for the purpose of generating publicity of the Blind Union and its advocacy messages.

About 350 participants from around the region gathered to discuss how to push for policy changes, social innovation and technological initiatives that would advance the inclusion of visually impaired people into mainstream life and employment. We spun story ideas, and engaged local and regional media to report the key issues of concern and advocacy messages.


Media coverage:

HKET – 手機智能化 帶動無障礙科技 (2014-12-05)

Apple Daily – 失明女闖西藏 創凸字文救盲童 (2014-11-22)

Project Details