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Project Description

Brand Building and Media Publicity (July 2015 and April 2016)

Project Citizens Foundation (PCF) was a newly set up civil society organization dedicated to promote the pursuit of quality civic participation and the transfer of Hong Kong’s core values from generation to generation. Following a brand positioning review, we designed a corporate identity system for PCF, and undertook the copywriting of its website contents. 

We held a press conference for the launch of the organization, in addition to handling media enquiries and event management of its launching event “Project Citizens Forum: Freedom of the Press and Its Enemies” which was attended by nearly 300 people in 2015.

For 2016, we held a forum “What Makes Hong Kong an International Financial Centre” which invited the former Financial Secretary of the HKSAR – John Tsang, as one of the speaker. The forum was attended by nearly 300 people in 2016.


  • We arranged media interviews with the Founders to target media and thus generated positive media coverage.

  • Build-up of corporate identity

A glimpse of media coverage: